Rod Wave, Ari Lennox, Toosii & G Herbo at Little Caesars Arena

Rod Wave Tickets

Little Caesars Arena | Detroit, Michigan

Rod Wave

Hip-hop fans, come on up! This Friday 27th October 2023, Rod Wave, Ari Lennox, Toosii & G Herbo will be pounding the Little Caesars Arena’s storied stage with the craziest talents on this side of the US of A! You got rhythm? These singers do, and they’re ready to release it in a rhyme-loaded tidal wave that’ll top you up with wild energy. See if you can keep pace with the sickly sweet lines of the past ten years' most elaborate beats. And obviously, watch and listen in absolute awe at how these masters maneuver through a barrage of rapid hits, like a blade through butter, in this year's BIGGEST hip-hop concert event. This electrifying tour is slated to captivate North American cityscapes, including one at the Little Caesars Arena in the heart of Detroit. This indoor concert hall features world-class utilities: fantastic seats, a marvelous stage, and state-of-the-art sound and light technologies. Grab your tickets today to see Rod Wave, Ari Lennox, Toosii & G Herbo LIVE on Friday 27th October 2023 at the Little Caesars Arena, Detroit. Catch you on the down low!

Discover a new universe where rhythm and rhyme rule superior! From the streets to the limelight, Rod Wave, Ari Lennox, Toosii & G Herbo will send a musical explosion straight to you at the Little Caesars Arena on Friday 27th October 2023.

You called. They answered. Willed into reality by thunderous demand, Rod Wave, Ari Lennox, Toosii & G Herbo FINALLY surfaces from the void and into the winding road as it tags several cities across the country for a much-awaited string of exhibitions this coming fall.

This headlining act is irrefutably one of hip-hop’s largest in this fresh new age of genre upstarts. Throbbing beats. Velvety smooth lyrics.

Absolute rhythmic prowess. Watch the pro breathe hot molten lava with one heart-stopping hit after another, provoking the audience into invigorating delirium. Their mass of awards and honors will let you know they’re the real thing. But if those don't convince you, then this LIVE special will certainly prove it. That ain’t a promise. That’s a statement.

Our opening acts aren’t slouches themselves. Famously known for their newest chart-topping songs, these breakout artists invite you to gorge on their gripping musical appetizer oozing with style and substance. When our main event shows, your heart will be pumped full of adrenaline!

The Little Caesars Arena in Detroit will be hosting the event. This storied site offers an unparalleled experience thanks to an arsenal of top-of-the-line utilities, including cutting-edge lights, clear acoustics, and a stylish stage fit for these urban music maestros.

Plunge into the rich tapestry of tunes from these trailblazing hip-hop poets. Grab your tickets ASAP for the Rod Wave, Ari Lennox, Toosii & G Herbo concert LIVE on Friday 27th October 2023 at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

Rod Wave at Little Caesars Arena

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